Peter Frischmuth
Berlin Kreuzberg SO 36

December 2007, Berlin Story Verlag
2. Edition
128 pages
b/w- and Colour photos
ISBN 978-3-929829-68-6

From the Western frontline back to the heart of the city:
With the construction of the wall in 1961 Kreuzberg gets caught up in a peripheral position and lively East-West connections get cut off. In 1982 Peter Frischmuth captures this situation photographically in 2006, a quarter of a century later and without the Wall, he returns to Kreuzberg and retraces his steps, comparing the past and present. And it is precisely this direct comparison of the pictures which is so impressive. The viewer almost magically goes back in time to the Wall, only to be relieved from it on the opposite side of the page. The wound has been healed, the Wall fell and it has really gone! Peter Frischmuth even manages to find the people of 1982, finds their places again and shows in a unique and wonderful way that Kreuzberg SO 36 has truly returned to being the heart of this city, Berlin.
Bilder zu Wirschaft, Politik, Umwelt, Soziales und Reisen