In the snake paradise in North Harz –
From black Mambas to monocle-cobras

He caught his first reptile on the farm of his parents at the age of
three, as an adult he let himself be locked up in a glass cage with poisonous snakes for 100 days to break a world record. Today, in
North Harz, Jürgen Hergert runs the biggest snake farm in Europe
with 1300 inhabitants.
With a quick grip Jürgen Hergert grabs a highly poisonous cantil
behind its head and forces it to open its mouth wide open. The narrow forked-tongue moves to and fro agitatedly. Its long, sharp fangs bite
into a membrane, which is held taut over a special glass. Slowly deadly drops of poison drip down on the inside of the bezel. Over 50.000 visitors, including over 100 school classes, gaze in amazement at the snakes,
black widows, piranhas und saurians in the terrariums and aquariums.
And no one ever misses the opportunity of watching the compelling
snake show of Jürgen Hergert. The snake paradise, which is well over 3000 square metres, is located between Braunschweig and Goslar in
lower Saxony and has developed from its small beginnings 25 years ago into a major tourist attraction.
63-year old Jürgen Hergert runs not only a reptile zoo but also the only establishment in Europe which produces snake venom for medical purposes.
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