Bones for the world – Skeletons from Hamburg as export hits

The low rise building in the East of Hamburg looks quite harmless and inconspicuous from the outside, but as soon as you are in the
hallway, the first skeleton with its empty eye sockets grins at you. The rickety framework is called Stan and is well known throughout the whole world. Nearly 15 000 of his “twin brothers” all 170 cm in height leave the firm’s site 3B-Scientific and find a new home in hospitals, universities, schools and doctors surgeries on all continents of the world.

The company began as the “Paul Binhold Lehrmittelfabrik”60 years ago to support the demand for simple skeletons in order to train medical specialised staff in the post-war period.

Today 3B-Scientific is the leader on the world market and has production facilities with different models according to ethnic background on all continents. The products of this renowned company are even well reputed in the Arabic regions, even though they use exclusively genderless
models at the schools.
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