Murals are fantastically visual works of art painted on buildings. I took up this theme of murals while setting up my photographic scenes and
decided to create scenes combining murals and actual real life situations. It is quite often not apparent to the viewer at first sight what is real and what is painted.

Philadelphia, USA: More than 2500 exquisitely colourful mural paintings adorn facades of houses and fire protecting walls with motifs as diverse
as the city and its inhabitants. Twenty years ago graffiti, cryptic symbols, spray painting or simple doodling leapt out at the visitor. The challenging project “Mural Arts Program” actually started as an urban initiative
against graffiti.

The objective was quite different in Toppenish, a small place in the state
of Washington in the northwest of the USA. The citizens brought the pioneering era back to life by letting artists capture scenes from this time in over 60 enormous murals on houses in the town centre.

Likewise Sheffield in Tasmania is also regarded as an “Outdoor Gallery”. More than four dozen large-scale murals tell the history of the island in South Australia and its inhabitants.
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