Wertheim an Main und Tauber
Peter Frischmuth (Photography)
Uwe Hoffmeister (Design and Publishing)

October 2011
1. Edition
160 Pages
ISBN 978-3-924611-50-7
29.90 €

Wertheim is the northernmost city of Baden-Württemberg. After the old county of
Wertheim was divided by Napoleon, the river Main formed the land border. Therefore,
Kreuzwertheim – located at the opposite bank and the actual origin of Wertheim – is
Bavarian today.

The old town of Wertheim is located on a triangle bordered by the rivers Main and Tauber
as well as the ridge behind. The castle – the symbol of Wertheim – soars on top of this ridge.

Due to the embedding of the old city into this picturesque and unique riverside, the town
center could hardly enlarge during the centuries. Therefore, the layout and the historical
town silhouette are mainly the same as at the foundation of the town in 1306.

However, Wertheim is more than the sum of its historical buildings and natural impressions.
Therefore, this photo book is not only a pure "picture book", but also includes nine – more
or less personally – stories from authors having a regional connection. Such stories are
exemplary for the cultural and culinary, scientific and economic as well as tourist facets of
Wertheim. The photo book is a declaration of love of the authors to a worth living
town – their home and adopted home Wertheim.

Peter Frischmuth and Uwe Hoffmeister, the publishers of this photo book, studied 'Visual
Communication' with focus on 'Photodesign' at the University of Applied Sciences in
Dortmund from 1978 until 1983.

Today, Peter Frischmuth, born in Wertheim, works as freelance photographer in Hamburg
and is joint-owner of the photography agency Argus. His photos are published in domestic
and international newspapers, magazines, books and TV reports. His photo book project
"Berlin Kreuzberg SO36" was published in 2007. An exhibition followed which was presented
throughout the world for several years – like e.g. in Wertheim, Berlin, New York, Montreal, Moscow, Beijing and 15 other cities.

Uwe Hoffmeister, born in Lüdenscheid/Westfalia, started his career as freelance commercial
photographer after his studies before he was employed as advertising manager and agency
manager at a listed public limited company for 15 years. During this time, he designed and
published several awarded business reports. Since 2002, he is living in Wertheim and is owner
of the full service advertising agency Propono with focus on capital goods advertising.

(Extract from the dust jacket of the photo book)

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